• The Storytelling Program

Storytelling Program

Launched in December 2015, the Hilton Prize Coalition Storytelling Program highlights lessons learned by the world’s most extraordinary humanitarian organizations, and is itself a mechanism for collaboration. The program was created to amplify the invaluable voices of the communities in which our members live and work -- and share lessons learned by those on the ground in these communities both in times of calm and times of disaster.

Each iteration of the Program features representatives of participating organizations working in a common region or concentration. Stories may be captured through video, audio, print, social media and other platforms, expanding the global discourse around themes like disaster resilience and recovery.

Video Series: "Leading Thoughts"

In this series of short videos, director Steve Connors interviews leaders from Laureate organizations to share some of what they’ve learned, both in their current roles and from their experiences in the field. These videos are being posted to our Story Wall, to live alongside the chorus of voices being shared across the humanitarian sector.

Storytelling Pilot: Nepal

The Coalition's first production was the short documentary film, On Shifting Ground, about six Coalition member organizations in Nepal that mobilized staff and resources in the world’s response to the great earthquake of 2015. Click here to learn more.

Through the production of the film, The Hilton Prize Coalition created a new model for collaboration to achieve collective impact. With tools and support from the Coalition, the organizations featured are now formalizing a collaborative framework around program delivery that arose organically from their participation in the film.

Infographic_Storytelling_Collaborative ModelWATCH: "On Shifting Ground"

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