Coalition Member Spotlight: Heifer International

In recognition of World Water Day, March 22, the Hilton Prize Coalition shines a spotlight on member Heifer International, focusing on the importance of clean water for livestock as well as for humans. Heifer’s initiatives affirm that healthy animals and healthy livestock practices lead to healthier people and communities.

Daily life of communities ahead of the digging of a well which will provide water for over 3,000 families in Linguere, Senegal. Feb. 2018 (Photo by Xaume Olleros/Heifer International)

For nearly 75 years, Heifer International has partnered with communities around the world to strengthen sustainable livelihoods and advance local economies. Heifer was awarded the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize in 2004 for working to end hunger and poverty, while caring for the earth through training in environmentally sound agricultural practices.

Through its signature Passing on the Gift® practice, Heifer seeks to advance and raise awareness of food security and nutrition, women’s empowerment and others. Heifer’s extensive partnerships, sound monitoring and evaluation practices and innovative programs around the world make the organization a leader in sustainable development with the goal of lifting farmers to living incomes.

Heifer offers sustainable development by leading a livestock revolution. Livestock provides nutritional and financial stability for small-scale farmers by producing goods to consume and sell. Healthy livestock help ensure economic security, empowering famers to take charge of their futures. Heifer works with communities to understand the needs and to identify the animals and farming methods that are most appropriate for the environment.

To achieve sustainable development, Heifer offers training and education in caring for animals. As part of the Hilton Prize Coalition Storytelling Program, Heifer’s president and chief executive officer Pierre Ferrari explains in this interview how clean water, nutrition, and proper care significantly impact livestock, and how the relationship between livestock health and human health has positive effects on the community. Clean water, nutrients and proper care contribute to healthier animals, which increases their benefit to small-scale farmers. Without proper care for livestock, humans’ health and well-being may be put at risk. Heifer’s initiatives affirm that healthy animals, and healthy livestock practices, lead to healthier people.


In the same interview, Ferrari recounts a story of Nepalese farmers who had been raising goats for centuries. They were initially skeptical of the changes Heifer was introducing. To address this, Heifer proposed a competition between those who followed the traditional way of raising goats and those who took advantage of Heifer’s trainings. After one year, the goats raised with Heifer’s methods showed a significant growth over their counterparts, proving the importance of proper care and nutrition to livestock.

Improved animal and resource management is one of Heifer’s 12 Cornerstones for Just and Sustainable Development. The Cornerstones incorporate Heifer’s values-based principles to teach holistic community development, including improving the environment, gender and family focus, and sustainability and self-reliance. Heifer equips local leaders with the tools to improve their communities and develop sustainable economies.

(Photos courtesy of Heifer International)

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