New HPC Storytelling Project on the Syrian Refugee Crisis

In June 2017, Hilton Prize Coalition Storytelling Program Director, Steve Connors, traveled through Lebanon and Serbia to connect with several Coalition member organizations serving the most vulnerable communities among the millions of displaced men, women and children seeking refuge in places of safety. The resulting stories are the basis of the next Hilton Prize Coalition Storytelling project, a series of short films that will provide a glimpse of what humanitarian work looks like today. Presented as vignettes, the films will focus on a few days in the life of staff at four Laureate organizations working in the region. (Photos below are from the films.)

  • Starting in Lebanon, Steve meets with Handicap International’s then Head of Mission, Chris Chenavier, along with his mobile teams of physiotherapists and social workers as they care for the injured and disabled who would otherwise have no access to treatment.
  • Still in Lebanon, Steve visits the HelpAge International team and their local partners as they provide support for the particular needs of older community members and their families.
  • Steve’s last stop in Lebanon has him following the redoubtable Dr. Sana Hamzeh, Clinical Director of The Restart Center, a member of the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) in Beirut and Tripoli.  In session after session, we will see and hear Dr.Hamzeh, her team of psychologists, and the patients in their care as they recount details of their sometimes unimaginable suffering and resilience.
  • Finally, Steve travels to the European end of the refugee trail to work with the teams from SOS Children’s Villages. In the transit camps bordering the European Union, the organization steps in to provide a safe and nurturing space, not only for children but for the whole family.

The series will be launched at the Hilton Prize Coalition Annual Meeting on October 10, 2017.

More updates will be posted as they become available. In the meantime:

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