Devex Features the Hilton Prize Coalition Fellows Program

The Hilton Prize Coalition Fellows Program is the focus of this article originally published in Devex.

How the Hilton Prize Coalition Is Building Future Humanitarian Leaders
By Emma Smith

Building the next generation of humanitarian leaders is a top priority for the Hilton Prize Coalition. The coalition, an independent alliance of the 22 winners of the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, came about very “organically” as several of the winning organizations started looking for ways they could work together for collective impact, says Samantha Ducey, director of partner solutions at Global Impact, the organization that supports and serves as the Secretariat for the Coalition.

From this, its three signature programs evolved: the Fellows program, the Collaborative Models program, and the Storytelling program, which were established with the aim of leveraging the resources, talents, and expertise of each of its members. “The role of the coalition and the three programs is to create an environment where they can work together,” says Ducey, and “where each coalition member can identify what they can contribute and what they can learn and gain from one another.”

Now approaching its third year, the coalition’s Fellows program works with member organizations to identify and develop the sector’s future leaders. Here’s how the coalition is helping these organizations invest in new skillsets and create opportunities for early-career professionals, while fostering partnerships in the sector.

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