Hilton Prize Coalition Highlights of 2017

Happy New Year to all on behalf of the Hilton Prize Coalition. As Coalition members continue to innovate ways to alleviate suffering and build resilient communities, 2018 is already shaping up to be a transformative year for humanitarian professionals across the world. Now, more than ever, in the face of global crises, it is critical for organizations across the international community to collaborate effectively, adapt to new circumstances and face changing needs. Brought together by the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize and united under a shared spirit of collaboration and innovation, the 22 members of the Hilton Prize Coalition are uniquely positioned to provide insights from their collective experience, able to build on the events and initiatives of the past year. Below are some highlights of the Coalition’s work in 2017, with a glimpse of things to come.

Fellows Program

Katharine Kreis with Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow Catherine May

By the end of its second year, the Hilton Prize Coalition Fellows Program had engaged 25 Fellows, exceeding its goal of 20. The participation of Coalition members in the selection and rigorous training of these HPC Fellows ensured a high-performing cohort in 2017, with eight nationalities represented and placements in 16 cities around the world. Fellows developed expertise in topics that spanned the international development and humanitarian sectors, with several Fellows offered positions after completing their fellowships with the host organizations. Read more here.

While blog posts by Fellows offer reflections on the training and experiences these future leaders receive through the Program, the Coalition in 2017 shared reflections on the program from the perspective of organizations that have been hosting these emerging leaders. This post by Katharine Kreis, the director of strategic initiatives and the lead of nutrition innovation at PATHoriginally appeared in the Philanthropy News Digest in December.

Collaborative Models Program

Through the Collaborative Models Program, the Coalition implemented several projects involving various combinations of Coalition member organizations and other community partners. A few are described below.

  • In March, Operation Smile hosted training sessions in partnership with the American Heart Association (AHA) and Help Age International at Operation Smile’s Roma Downey Center in Amman, Jordan. Overall, a total of 30 AHA certifications – 29 Basic Life Support (BLS) Provider certifications and one BLS Instructor re-certification – were issued by Egypt-based AHA instructors. Read about it here.
  • In June, Landesa and BRAC released a collaborative issue brief, “Land Tenure as a Critical Consideration for Climate Change-Related Displacement in Slow-Onset Disaster Zones.” Through this brief, the Coalition seeks to bring attention to the critical issues of climate change, refugees, and land tenure rights. Read the brief here. To coincide with World Environment Day, Jennifer Duncan, Sr. Attorney and Land Tenure Specialist (Landesa), and Ashley Toombs, External Affairs Manager (BRAC), wrote an op-ed for Devex that highlights recommendations from the issue brief on climate change-related displacement and slow-onset disaster zones.
  • Coalition members Covenant House International and the IRCT (the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims) have been working together to develop a comprehensive set of materials on issues related to trauma informed care. These materials will be used for training and as reference for healthcare workers and specialists to better understand the effects of trauma and how to approach traumatized youth. The project team plans to roll out a co-authored background paper, “Cultivating Resilience,” and a training package through the Coalition shortly. In the meantime, reflections on the process have been shared throughout the project, first through a blog post by youth psychologist Gabriela Monroy and then through a November 2017 article in the Philanthropy Journal.

Storytelling Program – “Refuge” & “Leading Thoughts” Series

Syrian children from a nearby refugee camp in Lebanon’s Bekaa Valley sit patiently as their mothers plant seeds in a local farmer’s field.

Following the release of the Coalition’s pilot production, Hilton Prize Coalition Storytelling Program Director, Steve Connors, traveled through Lebanon and Serbia to connect with several Coalition member organizations serving the most vulnerable communities among the millions of displaced men, women and children seeking refuge in places of safety. The resulting stories are the basis of the next Hilton Prize Coalition Storytelling project, entitled “Refuge,” a series of film clips that will provide a glimpse of what humanitarian work looks like today. Presented as vignettes, the films focus on a few days in the life of staff at four Laureate organizations working in the region: SOS Children’s Villages, the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT), HelpAge International and Handicap International. The first vignette was previewed at the Hilton Prize Coalition Annual Meeting in October, and will be released publicly in the coming months.

Meanwhile, the Coalition’s short documentary film, “On Shifting Ground,” remains in circulation across the international community, promoting dialogue about effective disaster preparation, while the Coalition continues to share insights from Laureate organizations through its “Leading Thoughts” video series, in which leaders of the organizations featured share what they’ve learned, both in their current roles and from their experiences in the field. Videos are posted on the Story Wall as they become available.

The Coalition will continue to share updates on the initiatives underway through these Signature programs, share more insights from across the international community, and resurface favorite posts that have resonated with readers in the past. Stay tuned.

About The Hilton Prize Coalition
The Hilton Prize Coalition is an independent alliance of the 22 winners of the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, working together to achieve collective impact. Through three signature programs—the Fellows Program, the Collaborative Models Program and the Storytelling Program—the Coalition leverages the resources, talents and expertise of each of its members to innovate and establish best practices that can be shared with the global NGO and donor communities. Working in more than 170 countries, the Coalition is governed by a board comprised of the leaders of the Prize-winning organizations led by an Executive Committee and a Secretariat, Global Impact.

To learn more about the Hilton Prize Coalition, visit prizecoalition.charity.org, or contact prizecoalition@charity.org. Follow the Hilton Prize Coalition on Twitter and LinkedIn, and “Like” us on Facebook.

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