HPC Fellow: D.C. Alumni Meet Up

The Hilton Prize Coalition fosters the next generation of humanitarian leaders through the Fellows Program. For each cohort, the program offers a unique opportunity for fellows to work alongside some of the world’s most prestigious organizations. 

On May 2, two former Hilton Prize Coalition Fellows came together to reunite the Fellow’s alumni network. Danielle Harris, former Landesa Fellow, and Meriam Salem, former Global Impact Fellow, organized a Washington D.C. happy hour to reconnect and share stories with their fellow alumni. Below are their testimonials outlining the value of the Hilton Prize Coalition to young humanitarian leaders.

After the event, Danielle reflected upon her experience and highlighted the support she felt from the Coalition network:

“Even though the Hilton Prize Coalition Fellowships are housed in separate laureate offices, you still have a sense that you are part of a strong, passionate community when you become a fellow. Through blogs, social media, and word of mouth, I’ve been able to catch pieces of the amazing work that fellows and alumni are doing through their fellowships. On May 2, I got to hear about this amazing work in person when I attended the Hilton Prize Coalition’s first happy hour for fellows, alumni, Coalition staff, and Coalition member staff. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect face to face with fellows old and new to share experiences, ideas, and advice. Not only was it great to see faces that I recognized from blog posts, but it was such a pleasure to meet all the dedicated staff that work behind the scenes to make this program happen. The support I received from the Coalition staff and the Coalition member staff was an integral part of my fellowship’s success, and I was so grateful to be able to meet them in person. It was truly a fantastic event, and I hope there are more to come!”

Her peer and co-organizer, Meriam, stressed how the Coalition instilled in her a deeper commitment to international aid movements:

“Hilton Prize Coalition laureates strive for excellence in innovation and development in the international aid community. Visions from Coalition members that seek to build disaster resiliency for communities impacted by poverty and unforeseen strife are often the same brilliant organizations that seek to build community and leadership among youth. Hilton Prize Coalition fellows are placed among the various Coalition organizations, learning from the best on how to better prepare for and sustain a world that is filled with inequalities. On May 2, I had the chance to meet aspiring leaders and organizers from Coalition organizations. I learned so much more about their important work from the incredible minds and fellows that seek to create a world that is just and fair to all that have been marginalized. Meeting staff, fellows, and supporters of fellow organizations reignited my deep commitment and solidarity to international aid movements. I am truly grateful for the experience and honored to be part of such an inspiring community. I cannot wait for us to all congregate again!”

After the 2018 Fellows complete their tenure, the Coalition will have a network of nearly 75 Fellows. Through the Hilton Prize Coalition, these leaders will stay connected throughout the advancement of their professional careers, learning from one another along the way.

About The Hilton Prize Coalition
The Hilton Prize Coalition is an independent alliance of the 22 winners of the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, working together to achieve collective impact. Through three signature programs—the Fellows Program, the Collaborative Models Program and the Storytelling Program—the Coalition leverages the resources, talents and expertise of each of its members to innovate and establish best practices that can be shared with the global NGO and donor communities. Working in more than 170 countries, the Coalition is governed by a board comprised of the leaders of the Prize-winning organizations led by an Executive Committee and a Secretariat, Global Impact.

To learn more about the Hilton Prize Coalition, visit prizecoalition.charity.org, or contact prizecoalition@charity.org. Follow the Hilton Prize Coalition on Twitter and LinkedIn, and “Like” us on Facebook.

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