HPC Fellow: Oyuntugs Bayaraa, Clubhouse International

Oyuntugs Bayaraa is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with Clubhouse International. At Clubhouse International, Oyuntugs completed an intensive New Clubhouse Development training and developed an action plan designed to start a Clubhouse in Mongolia. In her blog, Oyuntugs reflects upon why she was drawn to the Clubhouse model.

Mongolia’s First Clubhouse
By Oyuntugs Bayaraa

The Vision

Gateway is the premier adult mental health resource for the Greenville, South Carolina, community.

I am honored to be a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow at Clubhouse International. Clubhouse International recognized the need for the Mongolian people to have community-based rehabilitation and an inclusive facility for the mentally challenged. The Hilton Prize Coalition Fellows Program assisted my journey and training within the Clubhouse International group. I recently completed my master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling at the University of Arkansas and my Clubhouse International training, and I am back home in Mongolia to work toward my goal of establishing a much needed Clubhouse. Clubhouse International’s vision is to create a world where people with mental illness recover and are an integral part of society. I share their vision and also want to include the physically challenged people of Mongolia in my mission since I am blind. I humbly ask everyone to follow and assist me on this challenging journey of establishing the first Clubhouse in Mongolia. I am thankful to the Hilton Prize Coalition for helping me take the first step and to Clubhouse International for setting my compass in the right direction.

The Clubhouse Experience

During my training period in South Carolina, I felt very welcomed by all of the members and staff when they presented me with the flag of Mongolia.

When I arrived at a Clubhouse home, I was expecting to see a group of people sitting around leisurely enjoying the home. Instead, I found a large family working together and independently on projects and assignments. The members and staff were working on assignments and goals as you would expect from a friendly and supportive family. They each proudly accepted their duties and took ownership of their responsibilities. The Clubhouse was more than a comfortable home, it was a school, a shelter, and a safe place to be themselves.

(Photos courtesy Clubhouse International)

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