Human Trafficking Awareness Day: ECPAT Fellows Make a Difference

January 11 is Human Trafficking Awareness Day, a day of raising awareness to combat trafficking. Human trafficking is a crime in which force, fraud, or coercion are used to compel a person to perform labor, services, or sex. And it affects all populations, including children.

For Human Trafficking Awareness Day, we recognize all that ECPAT International has done to combat the trafficking of children for sexual purposes. Hilton Prize Coalition member ECPAT International is a worldwide network of organizations with one common goal: to end the sexual exploitation of children. ECPAT works at all levels, from supporting shelters for survivors to influencing Heads of States and conducting cutting-edge research on the issue.

To further ECPAT’s mission, the Hilton Prize Coalition has provided resources to staff six Fellows placements at ECPAT International since 2015. Here are the Fellows who have made an impact at ECPAT and beyond through their Country Reports on legal procedures related to trafficking children.

Learn more about the Hilton Prize Coalition Fellows Program and all our Fellows do.

Fellow Snapshots

Chloe Baury

Research: National laws related to the sexual exploitation of children

Geographic Focus: Cambodia and Mauritania

Biggest lesson at ECPAT? The sexual exploitation of children happens everywhere, and can take many forms: sex tourism, pornography, trafficking, child marriage, prostitution. Children—girls and boys—are at risk in low, middle or high-income countries. No child is immune, and no country is untouched.

Kevin Ryu

Research: Preventive measures and cooperation mechanisms

Geographic Focus: Japan and South Korea

Biggest lesson at ECPAT? It is not only children in vulnerable situations or from developing countries who are targeted, but that every child in the world has the potential to be sexually exploited.

Adaiana Lima

Research: Child protection laws and policies

Geographic Focus: Europe and Asia

Biggest lesson at ECPAT? Unparalleled access to best practices.

James Eckford

Research Interest: Economic Inequality

Biggest lesson at ECPAT? The elements of working in an NGO: the constant struggle for funding, diplomacy with governments, collaboration with other NGOs, engagement with the public, and project management.

Daniela Muenzel

Scope: Communications; World Tourism Day campaign

Geographic Focus: Global, 104 worldwide member organizations aim to end child trafficking globally

Biggest lesson at ECPAT? It is crucial to take active approaches such as providing information in an accessible way, without technical jargon, and to give people something they can actually do something with to support the cause, instead of numbers that might shock them for a moment before they move on with their lives.

Sunethra Sathyanarayanan

Research: Ethical principles of research on sexual exploitation of children

Geographic Focus: Bosnai, Herzegovina, Iraq

Biggest lesson at ECPAT? Learning from teams in the field.

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