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About the Disaster Resiliency and Response Program

With a collective base of knowledge spanning missions, competencies and assets across the sectors, the Hilton Prize Coalition is best positioned to explore and develop a set of best practice solutions, protocols and action plans for collective impact in complex disaster resiliency and response.

Disaster Response and Resiliency Program

When a disaster strikes, either natural or man-made, the Hilton Prize Coalition activates its disaster protocols to increase the effectiveness of disaster response and demonstrate the benefits of collaboration in a disaster recovery context. The Coalition draws on its Clearinghouse, a central repository of Laureate information, to facilitate communication between the member organizations with staff and programs on the ground. Impacted organizations are better able to share information and resources. Building on these procedures and lessons learned from the collective, the Coalition is continually developing strategies to share with the sector.

Currently, there are 40-plus countries where at least five Coalition members have operations on the ground, providing a rich anchor and starting point to innovate new models of collaboration.

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