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At its core, humanitarian work is about people connecting, through day-to-day interactions that transform our world. Enjoy and learn from these stories, and add your own voice to the chorus.

Congratulations to the Newest Hilton Prize Laureate!

Please join the Hilton Prize Coalition in congratulating the newest winner of the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian Prize, METAdrasi – Action for Migration & Development.


Welcome Cohort Four! Amref Health Africa, Malat Habtewold

This summer the Coalition ushers in the next cohort of Fellows. Malat Habtewold is one such Fellow joining Coalition member Amref Health Africa. Read on to meet Malat and learn how she will plug into Amref Health Africa.


Researching the Impact of Fountain House’s Model: HPC Fellow Jennifer Yoon

Jennifer Yoon is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with Fountain House. At Fountain House, Jennifer conducts research to better understand the many diverse impacts that clubhouse membership has on its members. Learn about her placement as a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow.


Welcome Cohort Four! HelpAge USA Fellow, Mary Dimitrov

This summer the Coalition ushers in the next cohort of Fellows! Mary Dimitrov is one such Fellow joining Coalition member HelpAge USA. Read on to learn how Mary will grow as a future humanitarian leader over the course of her fellowship.


International Day in Support of Victims of Torture: IRCT Fellows Make a Difference

June 26th is International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. To commemorate this day, the Hilton Prize Coalition recognizes all that the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) has done to eliminate torture and offer health-based rehabilitation services to support torture victims in recovery.


Leading Thoughts: Laurie Adams, Women for Women International

This summer, the Hilton Prize Coalition is resurfacing the Leading Thoughts series. Laurie Adams, Chief Executive Officer of Women for Women International, describes her team’s approach in difficult situations.


World Elder Abuse Awareness Day: HelpAge Fellows Make a Difference

To commemorate World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, the Hilton Prize Coalition recognizes all that HelpAge has done to advocate for older persons. To further HelpAge’s mission, the Hilton Prize Coalition has provided resources to staff five Fellows placements at HelpAge USA.


International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression: SOS Fellows Make a Difference

June 4th is International Day of Innocent Children Victims of Aggression. To commemorate this day, the Hilton Prize Coalition recognizes all that SOS Children’s Villages has done to care for children who have lost, or are at risk of losing, parental care


Fellows Program Featured in Devex

Devex featured a round up of nine global development fellowship programs, including the Hilton Prize Coalition Fellowship Program! Check out how the Hilton Prize Coalition Fellows program invests in the next generation of humanitarian leaders.


Mental Health Awareness Month: Clubhouse International Fellows Make a Difference

To commemorate Mental Health Awareness Month, the Hilton Prize Coalition is celebrating Clubhouse International and the Fellows who made an impact at Clubhouse International and beyond.


How to Get the Most Out of A Fellowship Experience

The Hilton Prize Coalition offers a high level of professional support and engagement for each Fellow throughout their placements across the globe. Here are three ways that Fellows can make the most of this professional support during their time as a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow.


Addressing Burnout among Humanitarian Workers: Investing in Staff on the Ground and in the Office

In April 2019, leaders of the Hilton Prize Coalition Wellbeing Project held a webinar for Hilton Prize Coalition members to discuss the project’s report. Top-level findings revealed that while burnout is felt across Coalition member organizations, it takes on different forms and affects distinct groups differently.


A Mutual Learning Approach to Fellowships

Andrea Varrella, a legal officer at ECPAT reflects on her time as a supervisor for several HPC Fellows throughout her career. She describes it as a mutually beneficial experience for both the organization and the Fellow.


Leading Thoughts: Shaun O’Leary and Heather Richardson, St Christopher’s Hospice

Shaun O’Leary and Heather Richardson, Joint Chief Executives of St Christopher’s Hospice describe one of the gifts of the hospice movement: recognizing that you must attend as much to the family as you must to the person who’s dying.


Leading Thoughts: Chris Jochnick, Landesa

Chris Jochnick is President & CEO of Landesa, a Hilton Prize Coalition laureate that partners with governments and local organizations to secure legal land rights for the world’s poorest families. Chris describes appreciating land in a holistic way because land rights go beyond property grabs and conflicts.


Fighting Lymphatic Filariasis: HPC Fellow Lynette Suiaunoa-Scanlan

Lynette Suiaunoa-Scanlan is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with The Task Force for Global Health. In her blog, Lynette reflects on her time at The Task Force working on a community-based post Lymphatic Filariasis mass drug administration Coverage Survey in American Samoa.


Taking a Stand to End Human Trafficking: HPC Fellow Alma Vazquez

Alma Vazquez is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with Covenant House. In her blog, Alma reflects on the impact of advocacy work and key red flags of human trafficking so that incidents can be prevented.


Compassionate Care: HPC Fellow Maria Colimão

Maria Colimão is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with St Christopher’s Hospice. In her blog, Maria reflects on her time at St Christopher’s Hospice working in the Compassionate Neighbours program on outreach, home visits, and trainings for the community on compassionate care. upon her time at St Christopher’s Hospice.


Creating a Successful Fellowship Program

Jack Yatsko, COO of Clubhouse International, talks about his experience building a successful fellowship program in partnership with the Hilton Prize Coalition. Clubhouse International ensured they had the right goals and objectives for the fellowship in place for the Fellow to assist in opening the first Clubhouse in Mongolia.


Battling Neglected Tropical Diseases through Research: HPC Fellow, The Task Force for Global Health

Henry Emisiko is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with The Task Force for Global Health. At The Task Force for Global Health, Henry researched River Blindness, a Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD). As part of the team, he oversaw sample management, specimen handling, data management, and routine laboratory management. In his blog, Henry reflects upon his time at The Task Force for Global Health.


Update on the Hilton Prize Coalition Humanitarian Wellbeing Project

In the spring of 2018, The Task Force for Global Health and Heifer International were awarded a Collaborative Models grant from the Hilton Prize Coalition for their Humanitarian Wellbeing Project. This project recognized that the stresses inherent in humanitarian work can negatively impact employee wellbeing, and in turn, the effectiveness of humanitarian organizations.


Collaborative Models: Training Surgeons in Rwanda

Together, Operation Smile and Partners in Health were able to build surgical capacity by providing training for general and plastic surgery residents. In conjunction with the University of Rwanda, the organizations formalized a 3-week surgical rotation template and began putting curriculum in place for surgical teams to address the lack of plastic surgeons in Rwanda.


HPC Fellow: Jose Miguel Guzman, IRCT

Jose Miguel Guzman is the Executive Director of the Centre for Mental Health and Human Rights (CINTRAS), based in Santiago, Chile. He is also a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow with IRCT (International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims). In his blog, Jose overviews the history of torture in Chile and its current status, and shares how he played a role in delivering recommendations to the UN Committee against Torture.


HPC Fellow: Jenny Elibeth Gómez Medina, Casa Alianza Honduras (Covenant House)

Jenny Elibeth Gómez Medina is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with Casa Alianza Honduras. In her blog, Jenny reflects on the model for comprehensive care for street children, which she learned first-hand through her time working at Casa Alianza.


HPC Fellow: Sunethra Sathyanarayanan, ECPAT International

Sunethra Sathyanarayanan is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with ECPAT International. At ECPAT International, Sunethra worked alongside the Research and Policy Team on several projects. In her blog, she reflects on her most significant projects, including Country Overview Reports on Bosnia and Herzegovina and Iraq.


HPC Fellow: Daniela Muenzel, ECPAT International

Daniela Muenzel is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with ECPAT International. At ECPAT International, Daniela worked alongside the communications team on their social media channels, particularly on their World Tourism Day campaign. In her blog, she reflects on social media’s potential to influence positive change.


HPC Fellow: Adrien Gaussen, Aravind Eye Care System

Adrien Gaussen is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with Aravind Eye Care System. At Aravind Eye Care System, Adrien worked alongside individuals at their internal consulting and training division to set up the infrastructure necessary for optimizing patient educative materials. In his blog, Adrien reflects on Aravind’s operational efficiency and patient education model. 


HPC Fellow: Ryan Pilkington, Operation Smile

Ryan Pilkington is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with Operation Smile. In his blog, Ryan reflects on his time working for the Office of the President at the organization and coordinating logistics for Operation Smile’s 27th annual International Student Leadership Conference.


HPC Fellow: Alexandra Barber, SOS Children’s Villages – USA

Alexandra Barber is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with SOS Children’s Villages – USA (SOS) as a Marketing and Fundraising Fellow. At SOS, Alexandra was able to live out her passion for bettering the lives of others around the world and ensuring bright futures for children.


HPC Fellow: Thuva Kandasamy, IRCT

Thuva Kandasamy is a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow working with IRCT. At IRCT, Thuva worked on the GATE project team, which aims to fight torture by using data. In her blog, she reflects on her role in the project providing rehabilitation services to victims, conducting research, and supporting local and international advocacy efforts.


Amref Health Africa for World Water Day

Amref Health Africa is one Hilton Prize Coalition member who understands the importance of access to clean water within its strategic pillars. For World Water Day, Amref shared the story of Bandacho Primary in Kenya.


Refuge: HelpAge – What it’s like to be an Older Syrian Refugee

In What it’s like to be an Older Syrian Refugee, Kate Bunting, the CEO of HelpAge USA explores the unmet health care needs of older people in local communities and how HelpAge fills this gap.


Refuge: HelpAge Film StoryWall

HPC collaborated with HelpAge International to amplify the stories of humanitarian response from the Syrian Refugee Crisis in the Second film of the Refuge Series.


Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow: Clubhouse

Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow Oyut Bayaraa holding the Mongolian flag with colleagues during a Clubhouse training at Gateway in Greenville, South Carolina. At Gateway, Oyut completed an intensive New Clubhouse Development training and developed an action plan designed to start a Clubhouse in Mongolia.

2018 Laureate Announcement

Please join the Hilton Prize Coalition in congratulating the newest winner of the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian PrizeSHOFCO (Shining Hope for Communities)! Based in Nairobi, Kenya, SHOFCO is a grassroots movement that catalyzes large-scale transformation in urban slums.

Austen visits Clubhouse

Hilton Prize Coalition’s Fellows Program Manager, Austen Brower, met with Jama Moffett, Director at the Petoskey Club, a branch of Clubhouse International. Clubhouses offer people living with mental illness a caring and safe environment so they can fully participate as valued and respected members of society.

Fellowship Clip: Tsega Tseffera, SOS

Tsega Negussie Teffera, Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow, SOS Childrens VillagesFrom Studies to Practice: Immersion


St Christopher’s blog

To mark their 50th anniversary, St Christopher’s is building a new, world-class education center. This Learning Hub will support their vision in which all dying people have access to the care and support they need—when and wherever they need it.


ECPAT “What is trafficking” video

ECPAT International’s Network Development Intern, Mairi Calder, explains the meaning of “trafficking of children for sexual purposes” and highlights the critical nature of ECPAT’s advocacy.


Spotlight: IRCT

Through workshops in Uganda and South Africa, IRCT enables members to better guide their states and measure the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs.


Refuge: HI

In Lebanon, Humanity & Inclusion’s mobile teams of physiotherapists and social workers care for the injured and disabled refugees  who would otherwise have no access to treatment.


BRAC Fellow blog

Tahera was pregnant when government forces in Myanmar targeted her community, killing families and burning down homes. She ran for two weeks before finally arriving in Cox’s Bazar where she gave birth to a healthy baby boy at a BRAC delivery center.


Amref winning Princess of Asturias Award

Congratulations Amref for winning the Princess of Asturias Award for International Cooperation!


PIH featured in the Economist

Partner In Health was featured as The Economist calls for universal care.


Trauma Informed Care Curriculum

Casa Alianza and IRCT announce the release of the Trauma Informed Care Curriculum, a comprehensive set of materials to help children affected by multiple forms of trauma in Latin American countries.


Mobilising strength and knowledge

In this video from BRAC, Jamalida Bibi, one of our 800 Rohingya community mobilisation volunteers, goes door-to-door six days a week to deliver life-saving messages.


Leading with Dignity in The Gambia

Tostan International helps women become leaders in their communities by educating them on their rights.


5 inventions made by refugees

International Rescue Committee created a short video showcasing 5 inventions made by refugees.


PATH’s Steve Davis Speak At TEDx

Watch PATH’s CEO and president Steve Davis speak about the future of global health at TEDxSeattle.


Fellowship Clip: Tsega Tseffera Pt. 3: Outcomes

Tsega Negussie Teffera, Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow, SOS Childrens Villages “From Studies to Practice: Outcomes


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