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At its core, humanitarian work is about people connecting, through day-to-day interactions that transform our world. Enjoy and learn from these stories, and add your own voice to the chorus.

Amref Health Africa for World Water Day

Amref Health Africa is one Hilton Prize Coalition member who understands the importance of access to clean water within its strategic pillars. For World Water Day, Amref shared the story of Bandacho Primary in Kenya.


Refuge: HelpAge – What it’s like to be an Older Syrian Refugee

In What it’s like to be an Older Syrian Refugee, Kate Bunting, the CEO of HelpAge USA explores the unmet health care needs of older people in local communities and how HelpAge fills this gap.


Refuge: HelpAge Film StoryWall

HPC collaborated with HelpAge International to amplify the stories of humanitarian response from the Syrian Refugee Crisis in the Second film of the Refuge Series.


Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow: Clubhouse

Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow Oyut Bayaraa holding the Mongolian flag with colleagues during a Clubhouse training at Gateway in Greenville, South Carolina. At Gateway, Oyut completed an intensive New Clubhouse Development training and developed an action plan designed to start a Clubhouse in Mongolia.

2018 Laureate Announcement

Please join the Hilton Prize Coalition in congratulating the newest winner of the Conrad N. Hilton Humanitarian PrizeSHOFCO (Shining Hope for Communities)! Based in Nairobi, Kenya, SHOFCO is a grassroots movement that catalyzes large-scale transformation in urban slums.

Austen visits Clubhouse

Hilton Prize Coalition’s Fellows Program Manager, Austen Brower, met with Jama Moffett, Director at the Petoskey Club, a branch of Clubhouse International. Clubhouses offer people living with mental illness a caring and safe environment so they can fully participate as valued and respected members of society.

Fellowship Clip: Tsega Tseffera, SOS

Tsega Negussie Teffera, Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow, SOS Childrens VillagesFrom Studies to Practice: Immersion


St Christopher’s blog

To mark their 50th anniversary, St Christopher’s is building a new, world-class education center. This Learning Hub will support their vision in which all dying people have access to the care and support they need—when and wherever they need it.


ECPAT “What is trafficking” video

ECPAT International’s Network Development Intern, Mairi Calder, explains the meaning of “trafficking of children for sexual purposes” and highlights the critical nature of ECPAT’s advocacy.


Spotlight: IRCT

Through workshops in Uganda and South Africa, IRCT enables members to better guide their states and measure the effectiveness of rehabilitation programs.


Refuge: HI

In Lebanon, Humanity & Inclusion’s mobile teams of physiotherapists and social workers care for the injured and disabled refugees  who would otherwise have no access to treatment.


BRAC Fellow blog

Tahera was pregnant when government forces in Myanmar targeted her community, killing families and burning down homes. She ran for two weeks before finally arriving in Cox’s Bazar where she gave birth to a healthy baby boy at a BRAC delivery center.


Amref winning Princess of Asturias Award

Congratulations Amref for winning the Princess of Asturias Award for International Cooperation!


PIH featured in the Economist

Partner In Health was featured as The Economist calls for universal care.


Trauma Informed Care Curriculum

Casa Alianza and IRCT announce the release of the Trauma Informed Care Curriculum, a comprehensive set of materials to help children affected by multiple forms of trauma in Latin American countries.


Mobilising strength and knowledge

In this video from BRAC, Jamalida Bibi, one of our 800 Rohingya community mobilisation volunteers, goes door-to-door six days a week to deliver life-saving messages.


Leading with Dignity in The Gambia

Tostan International helps women become leaders in their communities by educating them on their rights.


5 inventions made by refugees

International Rescue Committee created a short video showcasing 5 inventions made by refugees.


PATH’s Steve Davis Speak At TEDx

Watch PATH’s CEO and president Steve Davis speak about the future of global health at TEDxSeattle.


Fellowship Clip: Tsega Tseffera Pt. 3: Outcomes

Tsega Negussie Teffera, Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow, SOS Childrens Villages “From Studies to Practice: Outcomes


Heifer: Water. Clean Water

Pierre Ferrari, President and CEO; Heifer International “Water. Clean Water”


Operation Smile RUTF Nutritional Intervention

Operation Smile in Madagascar launched a feeding program to help make sure that children with cleft are a healthy enough weight to undergo surgery. In addition providing nutritional counseling for the families of patients, the program offers a 6-week supply of MANA peanut paste — a nutritional supplement for underweight children.

Pierre Ferrari – Prepared to Lead

Pierre Ferrari, President and CEO; Heifer International “Prepared to Lead”


Fellowship Clip: Tsega Tseffera Pt. 2: Mentorship

Tsega Negussie Teffera, Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow, SOS Childrens Villages “From Studies to Practice: Mentorship


LT: Laurie Adams, WfWI, “Expensive Expectations”

Laurie Adams, Chief Executive Officer, Women for Women International “Expensive Expectations”


Story: Hrithik at BRAC in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow with BRAC USA Hrithik Bansal visits one of BRAC’s programs with an eye towards developing a strategy to meet the changing aspirations of beneficiaries as their living standards improve.

LT Clip: Dr. Dave Ross, Task Force, Gateways to Health

Dr. Dave Ross, President and CEO, The Task Force for Global Health “Gateways to Health”


Bill and Kathy Magee – Contact Sport

Kathy Magee, Co-Founder and President and Bill Magee, Co-Founder and CEO, Operation Smile “Contact Sport”


LT Clip: Jeff Meer, HI, “Changing with the Times”

In this clip, “Changing with the Times,” HI’s Jeff Meer describes the process behind the organization’s new name, Humanity & Inclusion.


WfWI Launch Campaign, Match Her Courage

Women for Women International‘s new campaign, “Match Her Courage,” aims to ensure that the most marginalized and impoverished women on the planet have a chance at reaching their full potential.


LT Clip: Sharad Aggarwal, BRAC, “Mechanics of Collaboration”

Sharad Aggarwal, BRAC “Mechanics of Collaboration”


By amplifying the voices and good work of Laureate organization in Nepal the roots of collaboration were planted. Read more about the creation of the Leading Thoughts Series.

Josh Tobing SOS

HPC Fellow Josh Tobing studied the worldwide effects of supporting children and communities at SOS Children’s Villages. Read more in this blog post.

What’s in a name

Land mines also factor into this “Leading Thoughts” clip of Jeff Meer, ED of Humanity & Inclusion (fka Handicap International). “What’s in a Name?

HI and Land Mines

Team members from Humanity & Inclusion (fka Handicap International) carefully deactivate an explosive in Colombia. The complexities of demining are the subject of this NPR podcast, which features HI. (Photo by Jules Tusseau/HI)

2017 Highlights

BLOG: In 2017, the Coalition’s three signature programs created the opportunity for more collaboration and impact in the humanitarian space.

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Ana Rabogliatti Blog Reflection Story wall

Blog: Operation Smile HPC Fellow, Ana Rabogliattireflects on her time working on the International Student Leadership Conference, a Therapeutic Food Nutrition Program, and actually “doing” research!

Driving Innovation in Global Development – Katharine Kreis

The next generation of global leaders is critical to the success of sustainable development. Learn more from this guest blog by PATH‘s director of strategic initiatives, Katharine Kreis.

Dignifying Lives Story Wall

“To take communities to a living income is to engage them in the value chain–not just to be producers but also to be involved as aggregators…”  –  Pierre Ferrari, President and CEO; Heifer International 


Tiffany Basciano Story Wall

Professor Tiffany Basciano advocates for more responsibility-sharing in the refugee crisis – a global civic duty. Read more.

Reflection “I have found a deep passion to work towards the inclusion of people with disabilities throughout peacebuilding efforts.” – Ruby Holmes, HPC Fellow HI USA

Women For Women Laureate Spotlight Story Wall

Laureate Spotlight: Women for Women International has served more than 462,000 women survivors of war in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Kosovo, Nigeria, Rwanda, and South Sudan.

Fellows Snapshot (SW)

Hilton Prize Coalition Fellows Year 2 Snapshot! 25 Fellows, 16 Cities, and 8 Nationalities!

“You will most likely think and operate differently, so instead of trying to fit into each other’s way of operating, learn about your differences and leverage what you have.”  -Meredith Fabian-Ludke, Covenant House Read more

Wendy Pearlman (SW)

Wendy Pearlman offers insights into her book, We Crossed a Bridge and It Trembled: Voices from Syria, which is based on over 300 interviews of displaced Syrians weaved into a collective narrative. Read more

Collaborative Fellow Catherine May (SW)

#HPCFellow, Catherine May, finds that building partnerships frequently leads to the realization that different sectors speak “different languages.” Learn more!

WfWI CEO in the Huffington Post

Laurie Adams, CEO of @PrizeCoalition member Women for Women Int’l, describes in the Huffington Post the work to empower women in the South Sudan, where sexual violence is a tool of war.

Laureates Collaborating at HPC Annual Meeting

Leaders of 16 Laureate organizations convened in LA last week to work on the next collaborative models that will transform the sector. Read about it here.

Member Spotlight Aravind (SW)

For Aravind Eye Care System, a Hilton Prize Laureate, every day is World Sight Day. In a year they provide services to more than four million people and perform some 463,000 eye surgeries. Learn more!

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