World Day of Social Justice: BRAC Fellows Make a Difference

February 20 is World Day of Social Justice. Social justice is necessary for all communities to have equal access to peace and opportunity. Social justice seeks to remove barriers that people face because of gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion, culture or disability.

For World Day of Social Justice, we recognize all that Hilton Prize Coalition member BRAC has done to advance social justice. Since 1972, BRAC has improved lives around the world by empowering communities to better utilize their human and material resources to lift themselves out of poverty. Founded in a remote village in Bangladesh, BRAC has grown into one of the largest development organizations in the world.

To further BRAC’s mission, the Hilton Prize Coalition has provided resources to staff four Fellows placements at BRAC. The Fellows’ projects ranged from digital marketing campaigns to new revenue generating strategies. Here are the Fellows who have made an impact at BRAC and beyond.

Learn more about the Hilton Prize Coalition Fellows Program and all our Fellows do.


Sarah Allen

Sarah supported BRAC USA’s work to create opportunities for people around the world by raising awareness and mobilizing resources to support its programs. Working on both the Communications and Business Development teams, Sarah played a joint role and completed projects that ranged from developing social media content and writing press releases to conducting prospect research on potential funders and supporting relationship management with institutional donors.

But throughout all of these varied projects, Sarah’s time at BRAC USA was marked by the Rohingya humanitarian crisis. It’s something that permeated every day, whether she was identifying prospective donors to support response efforts, conducting digital marketing campaigns to raise awareness about the crisis, or reporting to donors on the latest updates from the field.

Hrithik Bansal

Hrithik worked with the senior leadership of BRAC USA to develop and implement strategies towards new revenue-generating activities. To help Bangladeshi citizens solve land-related issues, the BRAC Human Rights and Legal Services program had initiated a land service enterprise, complementing its existing work in this arena advocating for the poor and underserved.

For Hrithik, finding a business case that balanced the social aspects of the enterprise against the financial viability of the firm was deeply enriching, and one that leveraged his unique skill set and experience.

Mia Perez

At BRAC USA, Mia worked on BRAC’s Play Lab project and the Learning, Empowerment, and Adolescent Development (LEAD) team in support of BRAC’s education and girls’ empowerment programs in Africa and Asia.

The Play Lab model ensures children are able to reclaim their right to quality education. Mia worked on the BRAC Play Lab Toolkit, which equipped BRAC’s partners, governments, and international early childhood development stakeholders with the tools to learn from, adopt, and contextualize the BRAC Play Lab model at scale.

Sheetal Tuladhar

Within a week of the 2015 Nepal earthquake, Sheetal received a call from BRAC USA to go to Nepal to help set up BRAC International’s newest office in Kathmandu as a Fellow. As unfortunate as the earthquakes had been, they gave Sheetal an opportunity to go back home and to make a difference.

As a Hilton Prize Coalition Fellow, Sheetal had the opportunity to enhance her skills as a development practitioner in disaster resilience, learning first-hand how organizations working closely with local communities can strengthen their own capacities to build the resilience of their beneficiaries.

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(Photos courtesy BRAC USA)

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